Professional building formwork manufacturer

Our best selling cost effective concrete formwork panel with a high reusability to cost ratio. Offers great versatility as it can be used in all applications from conventional to system formwork.


1. Our wood sources are either FSC or PEFC certified. Certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests, so is renewable. It is also reusable, and requires less energy to recycle than other materials. By buying our products, you are enforcing stringent requirements on environmentally responsible procurement practices.

2. Our mission is to create a film faced plywood that can produce the most cost efficiency pour per use. We have researched and tested over 20 different combination of materials and proud to present you the perfect film faced plywood with lowest cost per pour.

3.    We conduct stringent quality checks on every batch of our plywood. Plywood are randomly selected, cut and checked for thickness, moisture level, water boiling tests, density...etc to give you ease of mind that the product delivered is of high quality.

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